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We’re creating more ways to support you and your recommendations

  • Redesigned Packaging

    Our new bags feature easy-to-explain benefits

  • Hill’s Quick Reco

    This tool offers quick, personalized nutrition plans

  • Our Best Taste Technology

    With taste pets love, you can recommend with confidence

  • Advertising to Pet Parents

    We’re encouraging pet parents to come talk to you


See what’s new with your patient’s food

Some Prescription Diet foods have optimized ingredients and kibble shape for great taste. Search now to see what’s changing. Some formula changes may require transition feeding.

For more information please reference the Product Change Guide.

Frequently asked questions

Change often comes with questions, so here are some ways to address pet parent concerns:

  • Why is Hill's making changes to Prescription Diet?

    Hill's is hard at work to make veterinarians' nutrition conversations with clients easier. These changes are intended to make it simpler for veterinarians to recommend and will help clients more easily understand and follow Prescription Diet recommendations.

  • What is changing?

  • How is the packaging changing?

    The packaging changes are intended to help veterinarians with their recommendation of a specific Prescription Diet food and to help pet parents understand the nutrition and benefits of that food. These changes are designed to help make nutritional conversations easier.


    Every detail of our packaging, from the overall design to product claims, was carefully evaluated to ensure it clearly and professionally communicates and reinforces how our product will help transform lives. We have redesigned our packaging to clearly communicate the information pet parents are looking for, including how the product helps and how it works , showing actual kibble size, and calling out the key nutritional benefits of each food.


Email, download or print these resources to help with your conversation and encourage pet parent follow-through.

Customize your patient’s plan with Hill’s Quick Reco

Hill’s Quick Reco makes it easy to create a feeding plan for your patient during their appointment and communicate to pet parents the importance of feeding the right food.

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